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Balzi Rossi is located in Liguria, at the Italian & French border. It is an archaeological area with an old Roman path to our holiday resort. The Balzi Rossi (literally: Red Rocks) is a rock formation with caves, also known as the caves of Grimaldi. At the beginning of the path, you’ll find the museum. Interesting to pay a visit. From our holiday resort you have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea but also of the picturesque village Menton. Behind Menton you can see the trendy Monaco. We share our best tips, hotspots and tastiest restaurants with you. You can also find beautiful places on our Instagram account: @balzi.rossi.

Taste the luxury of Monaco’s top restaurants 2024.

Hotspots: these are the best restaurants in Monaco! Did you know that Monaco is only 13 kilometers from Balzi Rossi? The easiest way is to take the train from Menton-Garavan station. A 20-minute walk from Balzi Rossi. A day in Monaco is well worth it: great sights, luxury shopping and delicious restaurants. Monaco is a small sovereign city-state on the French Riviera. It borders France on three sides and the Mediterranean on the fourth....

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hotspots dit zijn de beste restaurants monaco 2024

A walk to Menton: the pearl of France.

Menton, also known as the "pearl of France," is a charming city located on the French Riviera. With its idyllic location between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Menton has attracted travelers for centuries. The city has a rich history and a vibrant culture that you can feel everywhere in its streets. Easy to reach by car or train, Menton offers a wonderful mix of natural beauty and historical sights. Menton's history dates back to...

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Restaurants menton mirazur

Bag Lover? Shop the finest leather bags at the market in Ventimiglia.

The market in Ventimiglia: a shopping wahalla for bag lovers If you have a love for beautiful leather bags, we have discovered a little piece of heaven for you - the market in Ventimiglia! This is no ordinary market; it is a true bag paradise with a touch of Italian flair and craftsmanship. So, let those shopping vibes flow, put on your comfy shoes, and get ready to start your ultimate bag hunt in Ventimiglia.An Italian Romance When you...

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markt in ventimiglia italiaanse leren tassen

Hanbury Gardens, a botanical paradise in Ventimiglia.

Are you a lover of gardens, plants and history? Then there is one gem in Ventimiglia that you should definitely visit: Hanbury Gardens. This botanical paradise is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, just a 6-minute drive from Balzi Rossi. We'll tell you more about it....The History of Hanbury Gardens Hanbury Gardens, also known as "Il Giardino Botanico Hanbury," is named after British businessman and botanist Sir Thomas Hanbury, who bought...

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Hanbury gardens botanical giardini ventimiglia

These are the best places to go with teens in Liguria.

Holiday Resort Balzi Rossi is popular for families with teenagers. Because we have only 9 vacation homes, teens easily connect with each other. After a few days we see them swimming, snorkeling and chilling together. And that's very relaxing for you as parents, too. But from Balzi Rossi you can take trips with teens: from a city trip to Monaco to perfume making in Grasse.These are the most fun trips to take with teens.City trip to Monaco....

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These are the places to go with teens in liguria holiday resort balzi rossi

A stopover on the way to Italy for truffles and Barolo.

Are you going on vacation to Italy by car? And do you like Italian wine? Then I can really recommend a stopover in Piemonte. The hills are covered with vineyards. Piemonte is a perfect stopover if you love wine and Italian gastronomy. Truffles are the gold of Piemonte. Like the Barolo wine from the village of Alba. The taste and aroma of the truffle from the Langhe in Piemonte is the world's best. Also called the Alba truffle. These Alba...

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A stopover in Italy for Barolo wine and truffles in Piemonte

The 10 best restaurants in Ventimiglia.

Italians love food so there are many restaurants in Ventimiglia. Lunch, or pranzo, is the most important meal of the day for Italians. On the menu you'll find antipasti (appetizers), primi (first dish like pasta and risotto) and secondi (main dish like meat or fish). On Sundays, it is a tradition to have lunch with the family (then it is also busy). The kitchen is open from 12.00-15.00 and from 19.30-24.00. But once you are at the table, you...

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10 beste restaurants ventimiglia

The 7 most beautiful villages near Balzi Rossi.

1. Dolce Aqua This beautiful picturesque village is only a 15-minute drive from Ventimiglia. Claude Monet found inspiration for his painting Le chateau de Dolceacqua. Via the arch bridge, you enter a medieval part Borgo with narrow streets and small shops Our favorite restaurant is La Rampa on the square. They have pizzas made from kamut and their speciality is rabbit.2. Apricale After Dolce Aqua, you will see the beautiful village of...

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The 7 most beautiful villages close to balzi rossi

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Balzi Rossi

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