Are you a lover of gardens, plants and history? Then there is one gem in Ventimiglia that you should definitely visit: Hanbury Gardens. This botanical paradise is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, just a 6-minute drive from Balzi Rossi. We’ll tell you more about it….

The History of Hanbury Gardens

Hanbury Gardens, also known as “Il Giardino Botanico Hanbury,” is named after British businessman and botanist Sir Thomas Hanbury, who bought the estate in 1867. Hanbury was a passionate garden enthusiast and spent his life collecting plants from around the world. When he acquired this piece of land in Liguria, he began to transform it into a botanical paradise.

The Hanbury Gardens estate covers about 18 acres and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. The grounds are divided into several gardens, each with its own character and plant collections. Sir Thomas Hanbury and his brother Daniel have worked for years to create one of the most diverse and beautiful gardens in Europe.

The Beautiful Gardens of Hanbury

One of the most striking features of Hanbury Gardens is the variety of plants that grow here. The mild climate of the Ligurian coast provides the perfect conditions for a wide range of flora, from exotic cacti to lush Mediterranean trees and shrubs.

A highlight of the garden is the succulent collection, where you can admire an amazing variety of succulents and cacti from around the world. Carefully laid paths lead you through this fascinating collection, where you can learn all about the adaptations of these plants to dry environments.

In addition to the succulent garden, you can enjoy the beautiful terrace gardens that overlook the sea. Here you can admire an abundance of Mediterranean plants, including olive trees, agaves and bougainvillea. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the Ligurian coast.

Another highlight of Hanbury Gardens is the subtropical gorge, a lush and luxuriant valley filled with exotic plants from different parts of the world. As you walk through this garden, you will be amazed at the variety of colors and shapes you will encounter.

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Hanbury gardens giardini ventimiglia
Hanbury gardens liguria ventimiglia

The microclimate in Ventimiglia.

Before we dive deeper into Ventimiglia’s microclimate, it is important to understand what a microclimate actually is. Essentially, it is a small area with a climate different from the surrounding area. This can be caused by geographical features, such as mountains or seas, or by human influences, such as urban development. In the case of Ventimiglia, the microclimate is influenced mainly by its geographic location on the coastline and surrounding hills.

The microclimate in Ventimiglia is characterized by mild winters and hot, dry summers. This means that temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the winter, while the summer months are warm and sunny. The average annual temperature hovers around 17-18 degrees Celsius, making the climate ideal for growing a wide range of plants. Hanburg Gardens benefits tremendously from this climate.

The microclimate of Ventimiglia affects not only the flora, but also the agriculture and culture of the region. It makes it possible to grow crops such as olives, citrus and grapes, which thrive on the mild winters and warm summers. The region is known for its delicious olive oil and local wines, which benefit from ideal growing conditions. So when you drive back home, be sure to pick up a bottle of Frantoio Gaziello ‘s olive oil.

For foodies, sunseekers and garden lovers.

Ventimiglia’s microclimate is truly a gift from Mother Nature, and it makes the Holiday Resort Balzi Rossi a true paradise for both locals and guests like yourself. Here you can enjoy mild temperatures, lush green landscapes and culinary treats by the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you are a lover of beautiful gardens like the enchanting Hanbury Gardens, a foodie looking to discover local flavors, or simply looking for a wonderful climate to relax, Ventimiglia and its microclimate have something for everyone. It is a wonderful reminder of the wonders that occur when the power of nature and the creativity of man come together in perfect harmony. So relax, enjoy and be enchanted by the magic of Ventimiglia!


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