Italians love food so there are many restaurants in Ventimiglia. Lunch, or pranzo, is the most important meal of the day for Italians. On the menu you’ll find antipasti (appetizers), primi (first dish like pasta and risotto) and secondi (main dish like meat or fish). On Sundays, it is a tradition to have lunch with the family (then it is also busy). The kitchen is open from 12.00-15.00 and from 19.30-24.00. But once you are at the table, you can have a relaxed lunch or dinner. As Ventimiglia residents, we think these are the 10 best (and nicest) restaurants for foodies and/or families. The order is geographical to make it easier for you.

Restaurant ventimiglia caravella

1. Restaurant La caravella

If you are a gourmet person, La caravella is perfect for you. Also nice for a romantic evening with your partner. They make delicious fish dishes and have a good wine list. Real Ligurian Cuisine. The restaurant is located at the port of Ventimiglia and has a cosy patio.

📱Ristorante La caravella

Restaurant ventimiglia pasta basta

2. Restaurant Pasta e Basta

If you love pasta, this restaurant in the port of Ventimiglia is a perfect choice for you. Especially pasta with truffle is really delicious. This is quite different from the Dutch pastas. A nice Italian restaurant to eat with the kids.

📱Ristorante Pasta e Basta

Beste restaurant ventimiglia margunaira

3. Restaurant Marqunaira

A lovely place by the sea with a beautiful veranda and a cosy terrace. Delicious Italian food from meat to fish. But the pasta vongole or seafood risotto is also very tasty. This restaurant is also located at the port of Ventimiglia. Below the restaurant is a beach club, loved by local Italians.

📱Ristorante Margunaira

Best restaurant ventimiglia palo santo

4. Restaurant Palo Santo

You will find this trendy restaurant in the beautiful new port of Ventimiglia, Cala del Forte. The only restaurant with a tapas menu aside. They have a lovely terrace in the sun with a perfect view of the amazing boats.

📱Ristorante Palo Santo

Best restaurant ventimiglia san giuseppe

5. Restaurant Bagni San Giuseppe

On the corner in the port of Ventimiglia, you will find Bagni San Giuseppe. It really has a fantastic terrace with a sea view. Our children (and grandpa) love their Italian ice cream. Their speciality is seafood and the owner speaks Dutch. You can also book a day at the beach here.

📱Ristorante San Giuseppe

Best restaurant ventimiglia porta nizza

6. Restaurant Porta Nizza

This family restaurant is located on the square at the entrance to the historic centre, Alta. A lovely terrace in the sun with a view of the sea. The children love their pizzas (which are really good). Our favourite dish is Marmita, a kind of fish soup. Delicious.

📱Ristorante Porta Nizza

Best restaurant ventimiglia geppys

7. Restaurant Geppy’s

This local restaurant is not easy to find for tourists. It is located near the station. But the food is really great. Pure and affordable. Lovely pasta’s, fish and meat dishes. It is very popular with the locals, so go early for lunch or dinner.

📱Ristorante Geppy’s

Best restaurant ventimiglia marco polo

8. Restaurant Marco Polo

This chic seafood restaurant is for gourmet people. It is located on Ventimiglia’s promenade. They have delicious crudos (raw fish) on the menu. Especially the San Remo shrimps are a local delicacy. Nice restaurant for a romantic evening with your partner.

📱Ristorante Marco Polo

Best restaurant ventimiglia amadora

9. Restaurant Amadora

This restaurant/bistro had to be on my teenagers’ list because of the good pizzas. The pizza with gorgonzola and pear is really delicious. Do you like meat? Fiorentina is the queen of Italian meat dishes and it comes with a free bottle of red wine.

📱Ristorante Amadora

Best restaurant ventimiglia da daniele

10. Restaurant Da Daniele

This restaurant offers truly delicious Mediterranean food. It is a bit hard to find, but you have to drive to the very end of the promenade towards Vallecrosia. A nice local restaurant on the beach. If you love authentic Italian food…

📱Ristorante Da Daniele

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