Bar & Restaurant in Balzi Rossi on the Italian Riviera.

Mangiare al Mare

Welcome to our
restaurant “Mangiare al Mare,” where Italian cuisine comes to life and the breathtaking sea view stimulates your senses. From classic pastas and risottos to succulent steaks and delectable seafood, every bite is a culinary experience from our chef Mark.

As you enjoy your meal, you’ll be treated to unforgettable views of the ocean’s azure waters. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two, a social gathering with friends or to celebrate a special occasion, our restaurant offers the ideal setting.

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Fantasia del Mare €48

raw fish dish with delicacy shrimps from San Remo

Plateau di Ostriche €18

a platter of 6 fresh oysters served on ice with shallots and lemon wedges

Scampi con gusto mediterraneo €43

delicate raw langoustines served with a touch of citrus and a side of mayonnaise


Antipasto di Stagione €14

sweet juicy melon and local prosciutto – an appetizer bursting with contrasting flavors

Tagliere di Balzi Rossi €16

a wooden plate with prosciutto, salami, olives and various cheeses.

Focaccia con fantasia di calamari €14

Grilled calamari on a focaccia, garnished with fresh herbs from our own garden (option: spicy)

Bread €5

basket of bread with olive oil and butter


Pasta al ragu / pesto / burro €17

pasta with the classic bolognese, pesto or butter sauce

Linguine alle Vongole €24

classic thin pasta dish with venus clams in a flavorful garlic and white wine sauce

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare €26

thin pasta with a bounty of seafood, a taste of the sea on your plate

Risotto del Barolo €26

elevated risotto infused with the bold essence of Barolo wine

Chef’s Choice €26

a specially curated main course featuring seasonal ingredients, herbs from the garden and the chef’s creative touch


Pesce intero €34

daily catch: whole fish delight with seasonal vegetables

Polpo / Octopus €31

Grilled octopus served with a colorful mix of seasonal vegetables

Ribeye alla griglia €33

grilled rib-eye steak with vegetables of the season

Chef’s Choice €26

a specially curated main course featuring seasonal ingredients, herbs from the garden and the chef’s creative touch


Insalata Caprese €15

classic Italian salad with tomato, mozzarella and basil

Insalata Ceasar Cardini € 18

lettuce, chicken, golden croutons and parmesan cheese mixed in a garlic and anchovy dressing.

Insalata di Balzi Rossi € 16

spinach salad with white cheese, a citrus dressing and pistachios

Insalata di Gamberi € 20

salad with shrimps, garlic, wine and parsley

A little dolce?


Tiramisù della casa € 14

Italian dessert with mascarpone cream, coffee and cocoa powder.

Panna Cotta €12

silky Italian dessert of cream, sugar and vanilla, served with red sauce.

Gelato / Frutta € 9

a coupe of Italian ice cream or seasonal fruit

Sgroppino di Balzi Rossi € 11

refreshing Italian cocktail of prosecco, vodka and lemon ice cream, garnished with mint

Chef’s Choice € 16

a specially curated dessert featuring seasonal flavors and the chef’s artistic flair

The tastiest Italian wines.

Italy’s rich wine culture houses some true treasures, each with a unique story and character. Discover the enchanting world of Barrique’s oak, the refreshing elegance of Gavi, the robust complexity of Barolo and the sparkling finesse of Franciacorta. Be taken on a journey of flavorful discovery through the heartwarming vineyards of Italy, where every bottle tells a story and every drop inspires a sigh of joy. Cheers to the beauty of Italian wine!

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Barrique grosso barbera red wine


This red wine comes from a small family winery. This wine is aged in small oak barrels, which often results in a wine with more complexity and depth of flavor.

Best barolo rocche dei manzoni alba


Our exclusive collection of Barolo from Piedmont matures to classical music and you taste red fruit, leather, oak, truffle and vanilla. Also called the “king of Italian wines.”

Gavi grosso white wine pasta


A delicious white Gavi with citrus and peach notes. Very popular in Monaco. We melted when we saw the grandson selling the wines from Grandpa’s vineyard.

Franciacorta champagne bubbles prosecco


Franciacorta is made using the traditional method, similar to Champagne, and are known for their elegance, complexity and ability to age well.

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