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Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding?

Imagine… A gentle sea breeze caresses your faces as you say yes to each other. Your ceremony surrounded by ancient olive trees with the azure sea as a backdrop. The sun casts its golden glow over the horizon, making the whole world seem to slow down. Welcome to your own piece of heaven, where love and exclusivity go hand in hand.

At Holiday Resort Balzi Rossi, we make your dreams come true in the setting of the Italian coast. Our mission? Creating an unforgettable experience as unique as your love. An intimate ceremony under the olive trees, a gentle breeze bringing the scent of the salty sea, and your love celebrated with sparkling Prosecco, just for the two of you.

Our dedicated team is ready to perfect every detail so you can immerse yourself in the magic of this enchanting day. Exclusivity is our focus, because your love deserves to shine in a setting as unique as your bond.

So, let’s start the journey together to your Italian fairy tale….

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Balzi Rossi, an exclusive wedding venue in Italy.

We only rent Holiday Resort Balzi Rossi exclusively for weddings. Our 9 vacation homes can accommodate a minimum of 22 guests (not counting children). It is nice to be with intimate company on your wedding day. Everyone you see is familiar and we ourselves often find that it is very nice to have the wedding venue exclusively to yourself, because then you can be sure that you have exclusive use of all the spaces. For example, the wedding ceremony can take place under olive trees and while this moment is in progress we can create a toast and cake moment in another location. Is it your wish to get married in Italy?

A ceremonial moment at your Italian wedding.

Enjoy an idyllic wedding in beautiful Italy surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. At Holiday Resort Balzi Rossi, we add a personal touch to your ceremony by choosing a Dutch officiant. Our Dutch official Dorine Mol (also English speaking), not only brings two souls together, but also creates a familiar atmosphere, making you feel right at home, even in the heart of Italy. She has been Extraordinary Civil Status Officer (BABS) in Amsterdam for 15 years, lives partly in Italy and has performed more than 1,000 weddings. Be inspired by the beautiful surroundings and the warm words of an official who speaks your language. We strive to make your wedding day an intimate, unforgettable event infused with the love of two cultures.

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Italian food wedding wedding in italy

Surprise your guests with long tables full of authentic Italian food.

At a wedding in Italy, the culinary experience is as important as the celebration of love. Italian wedding traditions,cozy up with all the guests at long tables, enjoying each other and the delicious food. The meal often begins with an extensive antipasti assortment, ranging from fresh bruschetta to carefully prepared meats and cheeses. Then homemade pastas and risottos shine as entremets, prepared with seasonal ingredients and infused with regional flavors. Traditional main dishes in Liguria are “Coniglio alla Ligure” or a sea bass in salt crust. Dessert often concludes with the sweetness of tiramisu or panna cotta, followed by festive toasts with limoncello. Whereas in the Netherlands we often cut the wedding cake during the reception, for Italians the cutting of the wedding cake is the moment suprême at the end of the evening! A special moment to which much attention is paid!

A toast to romance – delicious wines and Italian cocktails!

Be enchanted by the rich flavors of the region, where we pride ourselves on offering exceptional wines and sophisticated Italian cocktails. Our selection includes Vermentino and Pigato, both beautiful white wines that originated in the lush vineyards of Liguria. These wines embody the flavor of the Mediterranean, perfect for elevating your toast to love. For lovers of powerful red wines, we proudly present Piedmont’s famous Barolo. Known for their deep color and complex flavors, these robust wines add a touch of elegance to your celebration. At Balzi Rossi, we believe that every detail of your wedding day should be special. Therefore, we invite you to join us in discovering the world of Italian wines and cocktails, and enjoy the unique taste of love that only Liguria can offer. Cheers to your love, health and a life full of happiness!

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Wedding planner italian wedding wedding in italy

A wedding planner – for an Italian wedding without worries.

A wedding planner for your Italian wedding is the key to a stress-free and dreamlike celebration. An Italian wedding has a lot of romance but the organization can be really challenging. In Italy, everything is a lot more chaotic and great addresses are not so easy to google. Therefore, we can highly recommend your wedding planner Audrey Portier. She serves as your local expert, ensuring the flawless execution of your vision, and allowing you to fully embrace your Italian wedding at our enchanting venue. Audrey offers you a magical and stress-free experience: careful selection of exceptional vendors, meticulous budget management, creation of a table setting, enchanting decorations for a dream setting, attentive guest management to make them feel pampered, and finally, perfect coordination on the big day so you can fully enjoy your love without worries.

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A mini-honeymoon along the Côte d’Azur.

Get your love story off to a sparkling start with an enchanting mini-honeymoon over the Mediterranean, along the picturesque Côte d’Azur. Let romance blossom as you enjoy the shimmering azure waters, gentle sea breezes and enchanting sunsets. Explore idyllic coastal villages together or enjoy a picnic on a deserted beach. As you explore the Côte d’Azur, capture your first memories as a newlywed couple. This mini-honeymoon is a taste of the romance that awaits in your honeymoon, and an unforgettable start to your life together. Let love sail on the waves of the Mediterranean and create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Are you dreaming of an Italian wedding?

In a beautiful location together with your dear family and friends? Enjoying nature, local wines, background music and delicious Italian cuisine? We would love to help you make your dream come true.

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